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Cree Lake Lodge is one of the top fishing charters in Canada. It is home to bountiful numbers of trophy Northern Pike and Lake Trout, chunky Walleye, and feisty Arctic Grayling.
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Self Guided Pike Fishing Trips in Canada

Cree Lake Lodge offers self-guided fishing trips in Northern Canada where you catch your own pike or trout and navigate the waters independently.

For this week’s blog we caught up with Josh Nugent of Out Fly Fishing in Calgary, Alberta, who also guides groups of people throughout Alberta. Josh explains how the option to book a self-guided space and travel to Cree Lake with groups of people he’s connected with was an excellent experience to offer to his clients. Out Fly Fishing offers 101 fly-tying workshops, private casting classes and guided fishing excursions. Nugent has created a community hub for Pike chasing and fly-casting.

Fly Fishing Trophy Pike in Canada

“As a guide, it’s important to me that I have fished and been to all the places that I take my guests”.

That’s why Nugent came up in 2021. He was scouting for the 2022 season where he booked in to bring a group of Calgarian’s to Cree Lake. 

“There’s no guide to put you on the fish when you’re self-guided” he explained. So while Josh was bringing guests, he was not guiding them. Each of his guests were guiding themselves.

Self-Guided Fishing Tours: What’s Included?


The Cree Lake Fishery

“In the fishing world, people sometimes…over embellish” said Josh, putting it politely. “We were very particular about measuring fish. When we caught fish over 46” we got out of the boat and measured in the water. I don’t believe in bringing them in the boat because if you ever drop on of those fish in the boat they’re likely to die. We always got into the water. Two people in the water. With one person measuring and one person holding the fish.

We measured them twice. We made sure we knew what we were seeing because everybody says they got a giant but I mean...can you actually prove it? We got it on video.

“I’m reluctant to tell the size because they’re so abnormally large compared to everywhere else and most fisheries.

I can't tell you how many fish we got between 40inches and 45inches because after the first hour we didn't even attempt to try and a count.

When Nugent was debating coming up to Cree Lake Lodge we challenged him to a 48″ Pike bet. His accommodations on the line for double or nothing. We were joking, but still, he wisely didn’t take us up on the offer. 

A total of three 48inch pike.

“I’ve spent a lot of time chasing pike in Canada in the last 20 years. Guiding pike fishing is some I love. Initially, I didn’t believe Brandon about the size of the fish at Cree Lake. So it was a happy surprise to find out that my doubts were wrong.

Cree Lake has an unbelievable fishery. It’s far enough south compared to a lot of other lodges which gives it a larger growing season. It gives the fish the opportunity to not just grow long with their great genetics. They are also heavier fish.”

Boats & Fishing

“Cree Lake Lodge provides the boats, the rest is a self-guided fishing experience. That means there’s no guide putting you on the fish [when you’re self-guided].

We were there to fish hard and figure out what Cree Lake was all about.”

Nugent teaches others how to read topo-maps. His Calgary-based operation, Out-Fly-Fishing hosts classes where people gain the skills they need to be able to understand pike and understand lakes. They teach fly-fishing workshops, fly-tying and how to read topo maps. So his guests can come with him to Cree Lake and guide themselves.


“I thought that our tents would be super remote and not near anything. So I was surprised to find that Cree Lake had a great setup for self-guided fishing tours.

You can't see the lodge or hear the lodge from the self-guided tents, but you're only about a five-minute walk from the lodge.

If anything went sideways you’re not stuck on your own. In the event that one of my guests are sick or need something from the lodge a five minute walk is perfect.”

Meals & Food

“We’d be up early and out late because we made our own schedule. Fish hard and figure out what Cree Lake was all about. These were our goals. So we maybe put in double the hours of what a lodge guest might experience.

The crew would eat breakfast and dinner in the dark. Ultimately, that’s the trip we wanted.”

“There’s two options. You can bring your own food in or pay to have the Lodge look after getting your food to the lake.”

Meals by the Water

You only keep or eat the small fish, but man, there are few things that will taste as good as slicing up some thin potatoes and frying up some beer battered fresh pike. Honestly, there is nothing quite like eating from a lake that's cold and clean.


Ready to fish Cree Lake on a self-guided package? Contact us today to line up a spot for you and anyone else who’s ready for a Northern Canadian fly-in fishing experience. Whether it’s with your own guests, with a group of friends, we’ll get you set up for a self-guided adventure like you’ve never experienced before.